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Is My Interpreter Qualified?

Advantage Interpreting
Nicole Tuttle, Interpreter/Manager
Phone: 480-398-8107
Website: Advantage Interpreting
Description: Advantage Interpreting offers VRI (video remote interpreting) and onsite interpreting solutions 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!

American Sign Language Communication
Crystina Scott, Owner
Utah phone: 801-403-6606 (Jodi Evans)
Nevada phone: 702-610-4722
Website: ASL Communications
Description: American Sign Language Communication LLC provides quality sign language services to its clients. In addressing compliance for existing accessibility laws (ADA, Section 504, IDEA) and sensitivity to cultural diversity, our professional network of interpreters and consultants create positive long-term relationships.

Geneva Worldwide
Bob Horowitz
Address: 261 West 35th Street Suite 700
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-255-8400 x 24
Cell: 732-259-5768
Fax: 212-255-8409
Website: Geneva Worldwide
Description: Founded in 1903, Geneva Worldwide is a third generation family owned registered small business. We offer comprehensive professional language services nationally and internationally.
Core Competencies:Interpretation: Simultaneous, Consecutive, Telephonic (24/7), Whisper,
Translation: Manuals, documents, website localization, etc.
Transcription: Audio/Video Tape, CD, DVD, Live Wire, Title III Monitoring
Other: Editing, Proofreading, Language Assessment, Training, Testing, Desktop Publishing and complete conference support (equipment and technicians)

Gold Interpreting Services, LLC
Amanda Craner, Manager
Phone: 801.651.6883 (24hrs)
Website: Gold Interpreting Services

InSync Interpreters
Tim Ormond, Interpreter Manager
Phone: 801-838-8108
Toll free phone: 866-501-2002 (24 hours)
Website: InSync Interpreters
Description: InSync Interpreters provides ASL Interpreters for medical, legal or professional settings. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Interpreter Connection
Contact: Mari Moss-Reeder, President
Address: PO Box 1214, Washington UT 84780-1214
Scheduling Number – Voice: 435-619-6300
Scheduling Number – Direct VP: 866-269-1322
Website: Interpreter Connection
“Bridging the gap between cultures with communication”

InterWest Interpreting
Voice: 801-224-7683
Toll free: 866-224-7683
Fax: 866-334-7697
VP: 866-224-7683
Video Relay:
Website: InterWest Interpreting
Description: InterWest provides sign language interpreting for government agencies, healthcare
providers, legal and courtroom situations, religious settings, business meetings, mental health settings, theater and entertainment, conferences, educational settings and other environments. InterWest also provides Video Relay Services. InterWest is proud to hire the finest, certified interpreters in the community. Many interpreters are native signers, have many years of experience, and are consummate professionals. All InterWest interpreters adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct. InterWest is an organizational member of the Registry Interpreters of the Deaf (RID), a national membership organization of professionals who provide sign language interpreting/transliterating services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing persons. InterWest is also a member of the Utah Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (UTRID).

Kajika Interpreting Services
Phone: 877-307-1265
VP: 801-702-8272
Fax: 877-655-0324
Website: Kajika Interpreting Services
Description: Kajika Interpreting Services provides sign language interpreting services in every
aspect of life throughout the state of Utah. We are available to satisfy all your interpreting needs with the utmost in professionalism and cultural sensitivity. As a minority and woman-owned and operated business, our bi-lingual, bi-cultural backgrounds provide us with unique perspectives and understanding for bridging the gaps of communication needs between the Deaf and hearing worlds. Our services focus on providing effective communication and on creating environments that foster innovation and encourage ownership. Our extensive pool of interpreters is a diverse and professional staff with nearly two centuries of interpreting expertise in a wide range of settings.

Network Interpreting Service
Cliff Hanks, President
Flexible and Professional
Voice: 800-284-1043 x 703
TTY: 800-284-5176
Fax: 815-425-9244
Website: Network Interpreting Service

Northern Interpreting LLC
Address: PO Box 202
American Fork UT 84003
Phone: 801-941-7790
Website: Northern Interpreting
Description: Since 2001 Northern Interpreting has provided sign language interpreting services
for the deaf community of Utah. We have built a reputation based on honesty, reliability and quality service. At competitive rates, Northern will always provide reputable and certified interpreters. Our team understands the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and can help clients understand their responsibilities to the deaf. We serve communities along the entire Wasatch Front.

Utah Interpreter Program
Website: Utah Interpreter Program

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