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Hi everyone!
Arlene Gunderson, Director of DSDHH, (northern and southern offices) also known as Division of Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She asked me to make an announcement about who the new Community Programs Manager is – it’s me. If you don’t know who I am – I’m Pamela Mower. I have been an Employment Specialist for many years with DSDHH before becoming the Community Programs Manager. Now what are the main responsibilities for this job? I will be providing support to various programs such as Outreach which has been educating people all over about what the needs are for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, etc. including accommodations needed. Now I want to have Outreach expand and include information beneficial to our Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and learn more about apps and evolving technology that could help us. We need to know current technology that can help in daily lives. That’s one example. Another program I will be providing support to is the Community Events and Workshops. I plan to expand these fun events and workshops. I also plan to work with minority groups like P.O.C – People of Color, LGBTIA, Senior Citizens, DeafBlind, Deaf++ (Deaf with other disabilities), Hard of Hearing and other minorities. I will be supporting and want all to feel welcome and involved. I’m not forgetting youth, teenagers, parents of Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind. We want them involved here since they are our future leaders. It’s essential that we work together so they will be aware of DSDHH services, etc. I will work with community organizations too. Since some are small, need support and ideas. I’m looking forward to supporting all. I will share some of my ideas to help you understand better what I will start with. “Open forum” for parents with Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, etc. and this will allow parents to get together online, support other, share success stories, invite guest speakers, do partnership with USDB along with other experts. More fun classes will be added like Paint Nite, crafts, fun exercise classes like Zumba, Yoga and more. New classes like landscaping will help those who want a creative yard like my parents’! Other classes added recently is Financial Literacy meaning how to budget, save money, etc. New classes will focus on how to buy a home, etc. These classes are new and will be added soon. Other classes offered – Becoming Computer Savvy! If you don’t know how to use a computer or a computer program, we will have skilled teachers. For migrants moving here from other countries, we will offer classes on how to read/write English. English classes will be offered to those in school or in a workplace and struggling with writing/reading English and need help. I have more ideas but we don’t have enough time. If YOU have ideas or there’s a class from before that you want brought back, please contact me anytime. Now, you may be wondering since we have a Community Programs Manager, what about the position of Employment Specialist? We will continue proving Employment Services. I will have 2 interns giving me support as I rotate between the 2 positions for now. If you are a job seeker, still contact me or you’re experiencing job difficulties, contact me.

Pamela Mower
Community Programs Manager/Employment Specialist

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