Hey guys! I’m Kenzi. I just wanted to update you with some new (and old) safety and health procedures with the Coronavirus.

As I had mentioned in my last video, hand washing is very important. So please wash your hands! Use warm water and soap. Not hot, warm water. Lather your hands good for at least a minimum of twenty seconds. Get in between your fingers, your nails (have a scrubby if you need one), and wash a bit above your wrist. Wash off and dry well.

Avoid close contacts with people, such as hand shakes, high fives, hugs, and even fist bumps. Your hands carry a lot of germs, and we have no idea where the other person’s hands have been. How you can still “shake” or “high five” “fist bump” or “hug” someone is to do what’s called the elbow bump. If you or someone is sick, even if they think they are sick, (with anything) stay at least six feet away if possible.

If you have to cough or sneeze, please use your elbow or hands. Remember if you use your hands, go wash them right away. Also if you can, use a tissue. When done, throw it in a garbage can that has a lid on it. When you cough or sneeze please step away from people, and surfaces if possible.

Clean your workspace, home space, or things you (and people you love and care for) are touching often. These are things such as, tables, computers (don’t forget the mouse!), laptops, cellphones, door knobs, light switches, etc.

This one has been a big challenge for me, as I know for most of the Deaf community, people in general. Don’t touch your face! I would suggest you to wash your face morning and night. For the most part, just avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.

If you aren’t feeling well, especially with all this going on, please just stay home. Work, friends, families will understand! We have to work as a team to prevent yourself and others from getting sick – any kind of sickness!

Most events are being cancelled or postponed. Our governor (Utah) has asked us not to host any events that will have more than one hundred people. For those who have weaker immune systems, I’d play it safe and not go. If you MUST go, just keep your distance with others and wash our hands often. If you’re able to work from home, please work from home until things calm down.

Health clinics, hospitals and care facilities are asking people (especially healthy ones) not to go to their clinics unless you absolutely have to. Right now hospitals are overwhelmed in ERs with people coming in for testing, care facilities are really worried about the virus spreading to their senior citizens or patients that have underlying health issues. IF you feel like you may have Coronavirus or been around someone who has it, you can call anytime 24/7 844-501-6600 to talk to a nurse. They will help you, answer any questions and let you know whether or not you should get tested.

With the craziness and the worrying going on, we have to find a way to ease down on the panicking and come together as a community. We should be prepared for anything to come, but we shouldn’t be going out and buying unnecessary things, or waiting in line for 2 hours just to buy groceries. By being prepared for what may come for this current quarantine, we should have necessities that will last at least for two weeks. With this being said, we need to be aware of what we are buying and how much we are buying. Please understand, if you are overall healthy and youngish you’re more than likely to be okay. The ones who are more at high risk are the senior citizens, childrens, babies, pregnant women and ones with underlying health issues. So please, check on your seniors, ones with little ones and those who need extra help and make sure they’re good on supplies too. It’s not just “I” in this, were in this together.

Hopefully things will slow down once it gets warmer out.

Thank you for watching.

Wash your hands!

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