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I want to take this opportunity to share some information related to Coronavirus.
Now recently, our governor talked about the Coronavirus on the news. I want to explain some more in depth now about this.
I did some research via Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s website and found some interesting information about COVID-19. First of all- why is this named COVID-19 and not Coronavirus? Also, why is this called novel?
I researched and found out that World Health Organization (WHO)’s term for COVID-19 is because this is a NEW disease that has never happened before. The acronym, stands for CoronaVIrus Disease 2019 (19 representing year 2019 since this was when it started. This is the reason why we say COVID-19 or coronavirus.
Now with the term “novel”, we often think this means books, etc. and not really understand why this is used with COVID-19. This really means “new” Coronavirus since there are different viruses under Coronavirus . However, COVID-19 is different and has never been seen before. Since this is new, this means this is challenging for us and the scientists are still learning a lot about how it works, etc. We are getting new information on a daily basis.
I know we all have seen a lot of information about how to tell the difference between COVID-19 and flu and what to do. I would like to review this and explain more. As of now, COVID-19 is a lot similar to flu with symptoms such as fever, coughing, short of breath. What should we do if we have these symptoms? Call Doctor? No since this will spread the virus more. You need to stay home, call your Dr and tell the Dr. The Dr will ask questions about if you have travelled, etc. to help them determine if you have the flu or COVID-19. If they do suspect that you have COVID-19, then they will want to test. First of all, please call your doctor and discuss!
Recommendations have been given on how to prevent getting COVID-19- washing hands for 20 seconds, etc. – be sure to take your time washing hands or use hand sanitizers. NOTE: it’s important that hand sanitizers have 60% alcohol to be fully effective. Next thing- if you touch surfaces, do NOT touch your face. It’s important to wash hands first before touching your face. That’s one way how we can get sick with unwashed hands. If people state that they feel sick, you need to avoid them or lessen your contact with them by standing away from them and avoiding touching them.
We must be responsible. If you feel sick, please stay home. If you feel like you will cough, please use your arm to cover your mouth or grab a tissue to cover your mouth with, throw away afterwards then wash your hands. Coughing can spread viruses to others fast. This is what we can do to lessen spreading diseases.
There are still some questions that I want to know more about. Why do we need to self-quarantine? That word may appear a bit strange and lead you to think that it means isolating yourself and be separated from others or your group while being quarantined. One example- people on cruises couldn’t get off the ship and must stay on the ship during the quarantine.
Now leaders are saying if you feel sick, please stay home. However, some people may think that is dangerous and we should go to our doctor or hospital. Why should we stay home if our symptoms are mild? FYI- most percent of people may not feel good which mean it’s a mild case and not severe. Most people will not feel good and it’d feel like a cold. You have to wait till get better. If people get worse, then they need to call their doctor. That is why it’s important to stay home. If you are sick and stay home, make sure you keep your home clean, don’t share drinks with others, wash clothes and bed sheets often, etc. With bathrooms, be sure to use cleaning tools to disinfect and clean home often. Keep your home clean will keep your home safe for others. Are masks needed for all? Not really. That mask can help you to lessen the spread of viruses. But if you feel worse, check in again with your doctor while staying home.
It’s important to understand how COVID-19 can spread- virus can go out through an individual’s mouth/nose then other individual inhales and get sick through that. If you are standing far enough, then the cough drops through the air and falls to the ground and not on other person. Standing far enough means 6 feet or more. FYI- cough droplets can be inhaled but breathing is not contaminated. Coughing does contaminate. It is very important to disinfect all surfaces. Suppose you sneeze or cough then your contaminated hand touches a screen then other person touches the screen then the virus is transferred to that person. That’s why it’s encouraged not to touch surfaces or items often and wash hands often. Wash your hands first before you scratch your nose to feel better.
Yesterday, March 11th, WHO announced that now COVID-19 is officially a pandemic which means all over the world have this virus. Epidemics means local occurrences happened locally. Initially leaders thought China is the only one with this virus which means it’s an epidemic. However, seeing this happening in other counties WHO realized it’s really a pandemic.
Now, we will look at numbers and statistics as of today related to world and compare with USA.
This morning, in USA, there are over 1,323 COVID-19 cases. 38 people have died. 8 people have survived and recovered. This means they were tested positive, stayed home, rested and recovered. Remember this is still new meaning the numbers of people recovering is small as of now.
Worldwide, there are 127,863 COVID-19 cases, 4,718 deaths, 68,310 recovered. This means most percent of people will recover while a small percentage die. USA is new to this virus so you’ll see the numbers rise and change. The majority of cases are mostly in China since they were the highest impacted, many died and many recovered. This information has received as of today. Stats will change by tmr.
Recently, our governor Herbert met with his taskforce and shared ideas and recommendations for the state of Utah. Specific recommendations have been shared such as: people aged 60 or older should avoid going to public events that will have over 100 people. They need to avoid large gatherings to reduce the spread of COVID-19. For people over 60 or with health issues or lung issues, or weak immune systems, they need to avoid mingling at events with more than 20 people. You don’t want to get sick due to others at the gatherings so please avoid gatherings.
For parents who need to check on schools; the state board of education will wait and see what each district says and evaluate about closing, reducing hours or what else to do. To find out what’s going on with your school, please check their website. Now some places are closing but some doesn’t know yet so it’s important to pay attention for updates.
Some elementary/high schools with events such as sports, competitions, which would require travelling out of state – these have been cancelled. Other events that are local – please look at your school website for more information.
This is a summary for now. We will try to share more information with you. Be safe and thank you.
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