My name is Allison Mugele, I am an American Sign Language and English Interpreting student at Columbia College Chicago. I am conducting research on interpreter certification requirements and processes in each state. My goal is to discover the efficacy of current certification tests and the validity of current working interpreters. In conducting this research I wish to gain the Deaf community’s perspective on interpreter certification and performance.

I have created a survey to be filled out by Deaf consumers and sent back to me.

Survey Questions:
1. Have you used a certified interpreter before?
2. If so, have your experiences with interpreters been positive/effective or negative/ineffective?
3. Do you think all interpreters should be evaluated on their skills and only allowed to interpret if their skills meet a certain level of criteria?
4. In your experience, what skills do you think it is important for an interpreter to possess?
5. How often do you encounter an interpreter that meets all these skills?
6. Based on your knowledge of current interpreter certification, would you change anything about the process? If so what?

Thank you for your participation in this survey. Please email completed Survey to the following email address:

Thank you for your time,

Allison Mugele