There will be a special event for the Grace Deaf Community Church at Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church on Sunday, November 6, 2016.

Four deaf pastors will conduct the ordination of Billy Krahl, pastor of Grace Deaf Community Church. These four pastors are: Rev. Kenton Hoxie of Deaf Reformed Church near Columbia, MD; Rev. Kevin Hamilton of Grace Deaf Presbyterian Church in Danville, KY; Rev. Jari Saavalainen is the pastor of New Life Deaf Community Church near Chicago, Illinois; and Rev. Toby Welch of Seattle Deaf Church in Kent-Seattle area, WA.

It is rare that a deaf pastor ordain another deaf pastor. It is even rarer that 4 deaf pastors participate in the ordination service of a deaf pastor. This is a special event, all glory to God.

Holy Spirit convicted Billy Krahl in 1995 in Maryland. After moving to Colorado, he became Sunday School teacher for the deaf adults in May 1997 at East Boulder Baptist Church. In 2001, he was licensed to preach. Then in 2005, he started a church called Sovereign Grace Deaf Fellowship.

In 2011, Billy Krahl moved to Salt Lake City to get a job at Sorenson Communications as a software tester. He became the pastor of Grace Deaf Community Church.

We invite you all to share your enthusiasm with us to witness such rare occasion that the Lord has blessed.
Worship: 10:30 am
Location: Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church, 3280 E 3900 S, Salt Lake City, UT
The room is at gym. Lunch will be served after the worship. Come & join us for a wonderful & blessed fellowship!

Ben F. Smith Jr.