Remember the old days when a bulletin board full of colorful flyers at the local library or school was the event information center? Tired of creating e-flyers or having to open attachments in announcement emails?, a deaf owned web app, is here to solve the problem. It costs ZERO to post and save events, embed email signup, add it to your website, and more!

What makes it AMAZING for the Deaf community? You can search events by deaf culture, sign language, or whether an interpreter is provided, within miles or internationally (see links below). #events4everyBODY!

If you do events: Post your event(s)! Already got an event website? Create a quick listing.

If you maintain an event list on a website: Eventida was designed for you!
See the full set of features Eventida has for you at

Check out the event lists: – can you find International Deaf Events List?


– Just like Twitter, Facebook and other social media apps, “grab” your list and event URL before someone else does. You can finish posting events and creating lists later.

– If you are not the official host, the “Quick Add” form will invite the host to verify and take over the event, adding more details if they choose.

Deaf Culture events

Sign language events (example: ASL)

Interpreters provided:

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Submitted by Elise “Lisi” Whitworth
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