“Major Updates:

As Vibe is trying to bring accessibility to more places rather than our shows, We have partnered with major productions in order to allow those to come closer to our community with everything we do. We are proud to announce that the following shows are going to be having Vibe Accessibility at their shows:

Illuminate Salt Lake on November 10th and 11th will be looped for select areas and and have our vibrating platforms installed.
Omunitymoons event on November 11th will be looped and have some of our vibrating platforms for their show.
*BLACK FRIIDAY RIITUAL with CASPA TREVOR KELLY and DRIX will be looped for those with hearing aids and cochlear implants.
*Sacha Robotti | Slothacid Tour will be looped and have our vibrating platforms.
*Louis The Child: Last To Leave Tour at The Complex will be looped and provide our vibrating platforms.

Along with this, we are fortunate enough to get with our sponsors and provide free tickets to those who come and use the accessibility. The events with the (*) signs are the ones that we will have free tickets for so message us before we run out! See you out there!

Huge thanks to: Smoke Siignals, LIVE NITE EVENTS, Utah Arts Alliance, V2 Presents, Omunitymoons, and lastly, Listen Technologies

For more info or questions, message us or check out our website for a calendar of the upcoming events. http://www.vibemusicevents.com/